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Mounting and Fixing

Different types of Mounting and Fixing

Type A

Edge reinforcement made of sheet stainless steel (folded and spot welded). Edges either form a hook or are flat with wholes punched through to take up fasteners.

Type B

Double (triple) folded edges with eye-rivets. Terminating edges are tensioned with threaded bolts or coil springs.

Type C

Wire fabrics are glued directly onto a steel or aluminium frame. Sheet or angle steel is use to cover the glued areas.

Type D

Edge reinforcement made of solid stainless steel rod, woven in parallel to the warp direction of the mesh. Edges are secured with clamps.

Type E

Edge reinforment made of stainless steel (sheet or solid rod, spot welded). Terminating edges are secured in a slotted steel tube.

Type F

Angled metal frame with mesh either glued or bolted at the edges.

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Decorative Screens by Urban Metal