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AT – Fabrics for Architecture

Suitable for various applications in architecture and interior design

Due to their multiple functional and aesthetic qualities AT Metal Fabrics are suitable for various applications in architecture and interior design.

  • facades
  • claddings
  • balustrades
  • sun screens
  • wind breakers
  • suspended ceilings

Mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and non-combustibility are basic properties of all iO stainless steel meshes. Important qualities which also make AT Fabrics compatible with most building codes.


ROMA Office Building Rostock – AT 32
Architect: Ott Architects

Because of the weaving procedure extra long panels can be taut from grand floor to the roof. Unusual facade designs can be realized.


Airport Düsseldorf – AT 42
Architect: J.S.K., Frankfurt

Flexible ceiling panels facilitates easier access for maintenance.

Sun Protection

McGill University – AT 15
Architect: KPMB

AT types of mesh are suitable especially for exterior shadings. Their mechanical stability allows the set up in large panels.

To sufficiently from sun light the open area of a mesh should be about 50%


Pont du Chemin du Chaigny – AT 115
Architect: Office Tectone

Wire mesh provides new options for balustrade. Although mechanically strong, they are lightweight and transparent.

Decorative Screens by Urban Metal

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Decorative Screens by Urban Metal